Hi, I'm Hasan Ahamed. I am a Pigeons parent and I love my Pigeons so much! I think that Pigeons offer more than just companionship. They're like little bundles of furry stress relievers. Ask me Anything!

Hasan Ahamed
Jul 14, 2017

When I get a confused Pigeons, it's almost always a rider, sometimes they are youngsters, lose their bearings from their first airplane or two to the ground, or maybe lost on their first training flight (known as toss). You can say this by the sight of young people, they generally feel nervous and a little confusing and my experience should not be too long. Often stray racers are adults who have lost their bearings in the middle race, sometimes this happens if the weather takes a turn for bad during a race. You can obviously see that they are gone. They often just want a feed and rest. If in this case, they would have spent a long time in the wind, perhaps there could be wind or rain. You can easily say a race is lost during a race because it is still wearing a rubber race ring. These birds are placed onto the legs, the other is placed in metal/plastic ID rings and comes home as proof of arrival when it is recorded in a special watch.

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